Outback RV of Texas Introduces the Imperial Outdoors XPLORERV X195
Outback RV of Texas Introduces the Imperial Outdoors XPLORERV X195

Outback RV of Texas Introduces the Imperial Outdoors XPLORERV X195

March 6, 2024

Hey, outdoor enthusiasts! Are you itching to explore territories unknown, to venture where few dare to tread? Well, Outback RV of Texas has got your back with the latest addition to our family: the Imperial Outdoors XPLORERV X195. This isn’t just any off-road camper; it’s your ticket to unbridled adventure, combining robust durability with unparalleled comfort. So, buckle up as we take you through the ins and outs of this extraordinary vehicle and show you why it’s your must-have companion for the wild!


Why the XPLORERV X195 Stands Out:
Alright, let’s dive right in! The XPLORERV X195 isn’t playing around. This beast is built to tackle the harshest of environments while providing a cozy, home-like atmosphere. Imagine winding through dense forests, climbing rocky landscapes, or parking amidst serene desert vistas—all without giving up your creature comforts.

Built Tough for the Rugged Explorer:
Constructed with a sturdy, fully boxed steel frame and boasting an air ride suspension, this camper laughs in the face of rough terrain. Plus, with its impressive water tanks and roof-mounted solar system, you’re looking at unmatched self-sufficiency.

XPLORERV X195 Lithium Batteries

Home Away from Home:
But it’s not all about toughness; there’s a softer side too. Step inside to find a full kitchen, comfortable sleeping quarters for over three, and, yes, even a bathroom. It’s the wilderness experience without the ‘roughing it’ part.

Imperial Outdoors XPLORERV X195 Bathroom

Customizable for Your Unique Adventures:
And here’s the cherry on top: customization. Whether you need extra storage for your gear or special amenities for longer trips, the XPLORERV X195 adapts to your needs. This camper is about making your outdoor dreams a reality, your way.

Experience the XPLORERV X195 at Outback RV of Texas:
Now, I know what you’re thinking: “This sounds great, but I’ve got to see it to believe it.” And we hear you loud and clear! Swing by Outback RV of Texas in Denton, and let us give you the grand tour of the Imperial XPLORERV X195. Touch it, see it, feel the potential of your next adventure—it’s all here waiting for you.

Visit Outback RV of Texas for a Personal Tour of the X195

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