Winterize your RV in Denton, TX

As winter approaches, you’ll want to ensure your RV is fully winterized so that it will not sustain any damages due to freezing temperatures. Our RV Winterization Service is designed for your RV to stand up to the harsh Winter months so you can back on the road again in Spring.

Why Winterize Your RV?

Winterizing Your RV is very important. Most importantly, this is done to spare the plumbing system from a severely cold climate. Water in pipes and tanks, if left during the freezing temperature, will freeze and expand, causing huge damage to the plumbing system. This may be an expensive repair that takes several weeks to fix, which means you could miss out on some fantastic camping opportunities.

RV Winterizing Service here in Denton

The process of our RV winterizing service includes:

  1. Draining the Water System: The first procedure that our team will undertake shall involve draining water from your RV’s water system. This shall include the water heater, freshwater tank, and the plumbing lines within the system.

  2. Add Antifreeze: After draining your water system, add some quantity of non-toxic antifreeze to the entire plumbing system to delay any residual water from other freezing up and causing damage.

  3. The Battery and Engine (motorhomes): We will check the condition of the battery and engine to be in good working order, and spray an anti-corrosion compound to protect them throughout winter.

Benefits of RV Winterization

  1. Peace of Mind: Our RV winterizing service will give you peace of mind, feeling very sure that the harsh winter conditions are nothing against your RV.
  2. Convenient: Our RV winterizing service is convenient and inexpensive, allowing you more time and resources. Not to mention that we’re located right here in Denton! 
  3. Save Time and Money: Let the pros at Outback RV of Texas winterize your travel trailer or motorhome and save time and money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs from freezing temperatures.

At the Outback RV of Texas Service Center, we understand the importance in safeguarding your camper during those winter months. Our team of professionals will handle your RV winterizing to the letter, giving back your spring travel. Contact us and schedule your RV for the first steps to timely RV winterizing so that the harsh winter weather doesn’t cause it to be affected badly.


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